Why is ‘Event Organizer’ Have to do with the Success of an Event?

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Event organizers are the people who plan and organize various kinds of events such as exhibits, seminars, academic conferences, job fairs, and product launches. Event organizers decide the fate of an event- whether it will become successful or not. That’s why Event Organizer Is Important 

While it may appear that event organizers’ task is just to plan an event, in reality, it’s beyond that. Aside from the event itself, event organizers are also in charge of ensuring customers’ satisfaction after attending an event. Also, the catering, equipment, and promotional materials are under the lookout of event organizers. 

With the vast responsibility laid on the shoulder of event planners, you really have to select the best pick. Choose a seasoned event organizer to ensure generating a higher return on investment. Also, choosing an experienced event organizer is your guarantee that your event will run smoothly. 

To help you choose the ‘ideal’ event organizer that will ensure your event will become a success, consider the following tips. 


What are the Traits of a Successful Event Organizer 


It is not easy to become a successful event organizer. You need to have the right combination of skills, passion, and dedication to excel in this profession. Listed below are some of the characteristics that you must possess to become a successful event organizer.


  • Resourcefulness.  A competent event organizer always finds a way to lessen the expenses of his clients. And you can only do this if you are resourceful. As an organizer, it’s your task to think of ways on how you are going to make use of available materials to run an event. Just make sure that your resourcefulness will not compromise the event. 


  • Flexible.  Flexibility is another trait of a successful event organizer. This means that you must not only stick to a single plan; instead, you need to always have a backup plan just in case unprecedented events take place. As an event organizer, you must be ready to accept any changes that your clients may request mid-way of the preparations of an event. 


  • Dedicated. If you want to become a successful event organizer, you must be dedicated to your work. In other words, you must be willing to work even beyond the regular office hours just to ensure that all details are checked before the conduct of an event. Being dedicated to work also means that you continue to strive harder to serve your clients better. 


  • Attention to Detail. Organizing an event is one of the meticulous tasks that require full attention to details. From formulating the objectives, selecting resource speakers, down to the event’s promotion, you need to make sure that all details are checked.   


  • Communication. Just like in any other jobs, organizing an event needs a continuous dialogue between the organizer, the client, and the target market as well. You need to solicit for feedback to make sure that you’re on the right track. The suggestions that you’ll get from other people will improve your skills in organizing events. 


  • Problem-solver. Problems are inevitable in any job; thus, as an event organizer, you must be quick in solving problems. Problem- solving skills is directly related to one’s experience. That is why most of the successful event organizers are already in the field for quite a long time. Experienced event organizer uses their hindsight to know the best solution to a particular problem. 



Common Problems Event Organizers Face in Planning an Event


  • Lack of Available Data.   In planning an event, you need to draw as much data as possible. Data will serve as your references in ensuring that your event is relevant to your target market. But the problem is, it’s not easy to acquire reliable data, whether online or offline. In fact, data gathering is expensive as well as some data sources are not free. The volume of data that you’ll get to be used in planning an event will now depend on the caliber of your event organizer. 


  • Time is not Enough. Another problem that usually prompts event organizers is the lack of time. This commonly happens when a client contacts an event planner to frame an urgent event. Keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, your event must be promoted 3-5 months before its actual schedule. 


  • Not Enough Attendees. Enticing the right audience to attend a particular event is one of the major obstacles that event organizers need to overcome to ensure the success of an event. It is very difficult to convince people to attend a seminar or product launching if, in the first place, they are uninterested. The good thing is that event marketers can now use the power of the internet to send invitations and get more positive responses. 


These are the information you need to know to understand how an event planner ‘make or break’ an event. So, if you want your event to become successful, make sure you hire the best event organizer in your place.

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