Top 10 Tips to Successfully Manage an Event

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The key to becoming a successful event planner in and around the KL area mainly relies on several factors. It is important to first to have a well-thought-out plan to ensure that all phases of an event from discussion to planning to execution can be carried out smoothly. There are critical aspects in event management planning that you must consider right from the get-go; otherwise, your event will inevitably fail. Below are some of the crucial factors that you must consider when managing an event. Just follow these tips in manage an event, and your event will already be on the right track to success.

While it is true that to become a professional event planner in KL takes time and require years of experience, as long as you have the determination and willingness to learn, mastering the art of event management is just a matter of time and you might very well become the next top event planner in KL sooner then you think!


Know your audience

Know who your event is for, how many people are supposed to attend the event, the demographics of your audience, why they are attending the event. All of these details will help you to better accommodate them and adhere to their tastes better. This will ensure that there will be no awkward shortages and allow you to better cater to their specific needs


Fix an event theme

One of the most important components of every event is without a doubt the decoration and props. These are the soul of an event and without a fixed theme, the props and decoration would give out various vibes that would clash with each other and not be able to convey a specific feeling to the audience. This creates confusion and will prevent the audience from immersing themselves fully in the event.


Do a site recce

The absolute nightmare for any event would be to find out on the event day that your decoration and props can’t fit into your event venue. Therefore it is very important that you do a site recce beforehand on the event venue and take note to plan out a route for all the big items to be brought in. Furthermore, all dimensions must be measured during site recce to pinpoint the available space for structures and decorations.


Contact suppliers

Every event is a team effort and you would definitely not be able to organize a successful event without professional suppliers backing you up. Building rapport with all your suppliers is necessary to smoothen out the process of organizing an event, and having good communication is essential to ensure that they understand what you need and can fulfill your requests.


Hold technical meetings

Make sure there is at least one meeting arranged between the people in charge of the venue as well as all the suppliers. This is especially important for set-ups in public areas such as hotels and shopping malls, this is because there are often restrictions and rules that the suppliers and set-up crew need to adhere too when using public areas that might have other unrelated people such as other shoppers or staff. Making things clear beforehand will clear up a lot of misunderstandings and will save a lot of hassle during the actual set-up day where every second is precious.


Make sure there is enough manpower

Required manpower must also be calculated and estimated beforehand, every detail must be thought of and prepared for, especially when there are certain elements that have a tight timeframe to achieve. Lack of manpower might very well drag the entire schedule and that is a big no-no for any event. In the event industry, it is always better to be prepared rather than sorry and as a top event planner in KL where competition is tight, it is these little things that set you apart from the rest.


Have a master plan

Nobody can control the entire event floor alone, therefore is it important to have your helpers understand exactly what is to happen at each given time. Having a masterplan and briefing all the event crew with it will greatly shorten your reaction time to any issues that might crop up as you will have eyes everywhere on the lookout for you to spot any discrepancies with your plan.


Have a Plan B

No event planner can say they are in total control over every aspect of an event and therefore having a Plan B is also important so that you can handle any unforeseen circumstances that might be thrown at you. This is particularly important if your event is an outdoor event because the weather is always a liability and without a Plan B to fall back on, your entire event could very well go up in flames should the weather not favor you and send a thunderstorm your way.


Have a setup plan

In every event, the suppliers for each component, be it stage or decoration or refreshments are all different, therefore it is important to plan who should arrive first and who should set-up first. This is to prevent clashes between suppliers as they might very well need to use the same limited space in the event venue. As the organizer, it is your job to work out a plan where every supplier can work efficiently and allow the entire set-up to be carried out without a hitch.


Execute the event

Despite detailed planning and huge amounts of preparations, accidents and unforeseen circumstances will still occur, and therefore as the event organizer, it is your duty to be overseeing the entire event during the event day itself. This is to allow for split-second decisions should such an unfortunate incident occur and make sure the entire event is carried out smoothly.

These are only some of the significant factors that you have to consider if you want to manage an event effectively. Remember that to become an effective event planner in the KL area, you have to do proper planning and pay close attention to details in order to manage an event.


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