How To Host A Successful Roadshow

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One of the most effective event marketing strategies to increase brand awareness is conducting a roadshow. Roadshows are usually a series of events and held in various strategic places. This event marketing is proven to boost growth in sales as well as establish strong ties with customers. But the question is: how are you going to conduct a successful roadshow?

There is only one crucial aspect that you need to focus on if you want your roadshow to become successful- it’s PLANNING.

Just like in other events, the planning stage on roadshows is crucial. Your plan can make or break your event. The plan will show you what your roadshow will look like. During the planning, you will know the sequence of events and the actions needed to be taken to achieve your goals.

Below are some of the most important factors you need to consider to ensure that your next roadshow will become a hit.


 How To Host A Roadshow

8 Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Roadshow


  • Set a Clear Goal.  Before you go into much details of your roadshow, identify first your goal. Why you’ll hold a roadshow? For brand awareness? For converting leads? Know your reason first. But in pitching a goal, make sure that it is specific. Keep in mind that the more fragmented your goal is, the harder it will be achieved. Aside from specificity, the goal of your roadshows must also be measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded.  


  • Evaluate Data. To make sure that your roadshow will become successful, you need to study some data. Refer to available data from your past events to understand the preferences of your target market. You have to make sure that your event resonates with your audience. In other words, they can relate. Some of the most important information that you need to evaluate from your previous events include the kind of speakers most preferred by the audience, what type of ticket your attendees most likely will purchase, and the locations of your target market. 


  • Pick the Right Place and Time. Of course, you have to be mindful of the place and time of your roadshow. In the planning stage, select a venue where you think you’ll yield more leads and attendees. If data in your past events show that your customers concentrate on Kuala Lumpur, launching a series of roadshows in Ipoh and Johor Baru would also be a great move. Time is also crucial. As much as possible, know the local and national holidays in the areas you planned to hold your events. Check the weather as well. Make sure that your event will not fall in bad weather. As much as possible, conduct your event during weekends or class vacations to get more attendees. 


  • Find a Trusted Event Partner. If you want all your roadshows to be successful, make sure to tie up with a reputable event partner. You have to find a production partner that can travel along with you in various areas to help you check the event’s details. Never entrust your roadshow to an inexperienced production partner, even if this means huge savings. Keep in mind that a quality event will provide you tenfold of savings you get from a novice partner. Another thing-don’t change a partner. The tendency if you keep on switching a production partner is that abrupt change of plans will happen that will ultimately compromise your plan. In some cases, changing a production partner at the 11th hour means totally canceling an event. To avoid these issues, make sure you stick with a trusted production partner from the get-go. 


  • Technology Integration. Due to the power of technology, you should include this in your roadshow plan. Some of the technology integrations applied in event marketing include creating event apps, social media promotion, live streaming, and polling. 


  • Creative and Engaging. The key to a successful roadshow is to share engaging, compelling, and unique experiences with your target market. Designing creative content for your roadshow makes the stay of your audience worthwhile. Remember that no matter how dull your event is, as long as you are creative, you can still find ways to hook the audience. 


  • Content Matching. Another important factor to consider to ensure your roadshow will become successful is the content matching. This means making sure that your target market from different places can relate to your event. Consider the norms of the people and always be sensitive to the audience in each roadshow stop. 


  • Promotion. Once the location, time, technology integration, and content are ironed out, the next factor to consider is the promotion. The platforms and other means of promoting your roadshow must be identified in the planning stage. Anyway, this is not a problem; you can always tap the internet to promote your event in no time. 

Why Roadshows are Important for Business


Roadshows are considered as the ‘ultimate’ event marketing. Like what you’ve already read in this article, roadshows are mainly done for brand promotion and conveying a message to a specific target audience. Roadshows are done in sequence and set in various places.


Roadshows are crucial for companies that struggle to gain consistent patronage—much more to those that are planning to launch new products or services. To understand more on How To Host A Roadshow, let’s delve into the top four reasons why you need to conduct roadshows.


  1. Move Sales Personally. Advertisements keep a company alive, but establishing a strong relationship with your customers perpetuates a business. Unlike the usual advertisements, it’s during roadshows that you can build a strong connection with your target market. A personal connection, so to speak. During roadshows, you’ll meet your clients and hear their feedback personally. You’ll hear their pain points you can use to improve your products or services. In the same manner, your clients will see how you value their opinion. And this will lead to a more personal relationship- a relationship that will propel consistent sales conversion.


  1. Lead Generation Machine. There are times that sales will be low, but what you’ll be going to do? An experienced event marketer will inevitably run a series of roadshows. Since roadshows are held in various places, you can use them to ramp up your sales even during ‘drought’ times. Aside from the increased sales pipeline, launching roadshows is a great way to promote your business. And for sponsored roadshows, this will be another income to your end.


  1. Worthwhile Experiences. Roadshows are fun and engaging- well, most of them! If you conduct a series of roadshows, you also leave worthwhile experiences to your target market. And the worthwhile experiences that they had in your event will make them always remember your product or service. If you want a business that will touch lives, make sure you include roadshows as part of your event marketing strategies.


  1. Authority. People trust people in authority, so, as a business owner, work to gain such credibility. By launching roadshows and discussing things in front of the crowd, you are actually building your credibility. As an event speaker, your thoughts matter. And apparently, people will also pay more respect to your business.


How To Host A Roadshow

Types of Roadshows you can Host to Promote Your Business


Are you interested in event marketing? For sure, you’re considering conducting roadshows one of these days. But before you hold a roadshow, make sure its design fits for your business.


Here are some of the major types of tips on How To Host A Roadshow.

  • Oral Roadshow. This is a purely ‘oral’ roadshow. Attendees pay attention to the speakers and to the visuals that will be provided. Any non-direct communication shared during oral roadshows such as video clips, slides, and handouts are still considered part of the roadshow as long as the materials are collected at the end of each presentation. However, if the said communication materials are left behind, they will be considered part of a written roadshow. 


  • Free Writing Prospectus (Written). This refers to roadshows, where written communication handouts are sent to the attendees to convince them to buy an item or avail a service. Aside from documents, other forms of written communication used in free writing prospectus roadshows are TV, radio, and electronic media such as voice mail systems, internet websites, videotapes, and computer networks. 


  • Reverse Roadshow. The clients or investors are allowed to visit the operational plants in this type of roadshow.  The reverse roadshow is just new in the event marketing field, but it’s already gaining much popularity due to the positive impact it provides to the target market. As per feedback, most investors, clients, and customers worldwide prefer to see the operational plants and assess the production flow personally before buying an item or closing a deal.


  • Non-deal Roadshow. Although it is important to get new clients, you cannot let your existing ones get stuck. Like your new prospective clients, you also have to let your existing clients feel that you value them. Do this by conducting non-deal roadshows. Generally, this type of roadshow is anchored on the following goals: provide useful information about your company, share with your old clients your plan for the next few years, and last but not the least is to inform the investors/ clients with your company’s recent performance. 


These are but some of the essential information you need to know about roadshows. So, if you are planning to launch your event marketing soon, plan it right. Choose roadshows!



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