All You Need to Know About Event Marketing Malaysia in 2020

event marketing malaysia

Event marketing Malaysia is defined as the promotion of a particular brand, product, or service through personal interaction. Event marketing Malaysia is dynamic. The type of promotional campaign varies from one item to another. Do you want to make sure that your event marketing campaign is done the right way? Contact a reputable event and marketing company in Malaysia.

You hosting an advertisers’ dinner is a type of event marketing. When you join an exhibit to present your products, that’s event marketing as well. And due to the advent of technology, event marketing has also shifted to digital platforms such as live-streams and webinars.

Event marketing in Malaysia is a major aspect of your business’ success in Malaysia. Here are the reasons why you can’t do business without seeking assistance from an event and marketing company in Malaysia.

Why Event Marketing is Important

  • Provides Higher ROI.   An event and marketing company in Malaysia would tell you that event marketing will bring a higher Return on Investment (ROI). This is true! A study confirmed that, on average, 74% of the attendees in any marketing event would leave positive feedback that translates to a whopping 3:1 ROI ratio.
  • B2B Edge. Apart from content marketing and SEO, event marketing is also a critical factor for business-to-business (B2B) endeavors. A study revealed that around 74.5% of B2B marketers worldwide utilized event marketing as a strategy to hook their respective target clients effectively.
  • Effective Product Branding. Event marketing provides you a chance to present your products or services to people firsthand. You will be able to connect directly to your target market and answer their questions outright to clear out their confusion. An event and marketing company in Malaysia would surely beef up your promotional campaign making it more creative and compelling.

What are the Common Types of Event Marketing

  • Conferences. Considered as a large scale type of event marketing, holding a conference is an effective way to gather people interested in a particular subject. In conferences, subject matter experts are invited as resource speakers. Both B2B and business-to-clients (B2C) could benefit from this type of event marketing.

But since conferences deal with a massive number of people, anybody could not just think of having it without making a concrete plan. According to experts, the most critical aspect that would make conferences successful is to entice the audience right from the get-go. But don’t worry; you no longer need to craft a plan from scratch. Just contact a reputable event and marketing company in Malaysia, and they will take charge.

  • Trade Shows. A kind of exhibit where business owners will have the chance to showcase their products or services. Aside from raising brand awareness, trade shows also allow the companies to present their credentials and certificates, proving that they complied with international standards. The current market trend will also be analyzed during trade shows to convince the clients why they must try a specific product at hand. One great example of a trade show is the IMEX America. It is the largest trade show for event planners held in Las Vegas. The recent IMEX America was able to convene more than 3,000 exhibitors and enjoyed the rare opportunity to showcase their respective products to over 12,000 people.
  • Seminars. Seminar is a smaller version of a conference. Usually, seminars are held to educate the attendees about a particular topic. Seminars are more focused compared to conferences. Seminar discussions are strictly confined within a specific topic or theme. Included in the seminars are group works for more intimate discussions among attendees. Sharing of insights before the start of a seminar is also a trend. Seminars usually last 1-3 days.
  • Periodic Business Gatherings and Internal Company Meetings. A type of event marketing that companies with at least 25 employees hold regularly. During periodic business gatherings, the company’s success will be tracked, and future expansion programs will be put on papers. During this event, problems that companies encounter will also be discussed, and solutions will be solicited among the attendees.
  • Thought Leadership. When a much-respected professional or authority in a particular domain gives insights and recommendations to people, you call this event marketing as thought leadership. Aside from learning, this event marketing will also give people the chance to meet other people with the same inclination as theirs. Through the guidance of a thought leader, the attendees’ success in their chosen career is already at the doorstep.
  • Galas and Ceremonies.  Galas usually pertain to fancy events or parties with lots of dance numbers and song presentations. Galas may be held to launch a fundraising campaign. Just think of anything with a noble purpose for your company and to the people, and your gala event would surely become a success.
  • Product Launches. Used to introduce a new product to the market. The goal of product launches is to target potential clients to avail of a particular product by introducing new specs and features. Product launches always leave the attendees’ on hype, looking forward to attending for your next product launch.
  • VIP Events. This is a calibrated event marketing that aims to gather the right people interested in a specific subject, product, or service. In VIP events, the attendees need to get the host’s approval to get inside the venue. VIP events are lucrative and exclusive kind of in-person event marketing and promise a higher ROI.
  • Recruiting Events and Job Fairs. A type of event marketing that start-up companies used to build a competitive workforce roster. In Malaysia, recruiting events and job fairs are usually held in universities and colleges. To quickly conduct your own recruitment event, ask help from a legit event company in Kl
  • Team Building.  Companies that see the worth of their employees hold team building regularly. This is an event marketing that intends to strengthen the employee-employer professional relationship. This is also the right way of presenting reflections after busy schedules and handling of crazy workloads. Team buildings are usually packed with fun games and endless parties at the beach.
  • Field Marketing and Activations. Simply means working on-site to connect with your clients. Field marketing may involve giving of product samples and survey forms to solicit the sentiment of the clients. You’re going to hear their voices and take their recommendations objectively to refine your products.
  • Virtual Events. This is common nowadays, most notably that Malaysia, just like other parts of the world, is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.  Until it becomes safer to conduct face-to-face event marketing, virtual events remain the most viable way to convey a message to your target market. There are lots of digital platforms that can host hundreds to thousands of people interacting in one tab. If you are not so familiar with computer software, ask assistance from a reputable event and marketing company in Malaysia.

How to Design an Event Marketing That Will Bring Success


  • Specific.  You need to develop a specific event goal, or at least a set of manageable goals, to make sure you’ll meet them at the end of an event marketing.  
  • Measurable.  You also have to outrightly measure the expenses and the projected ROI in a particular event marketing. Remember that you are doing business; you can’t afford to be at the losing end. This applies both to small and major marketing events. To know more about this, you may contact an event company in Petaling Jaya or one that’s based in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Achievable.  In thinking of event marketing Malaysia goals, make sure that they are achievable. In other words, the goals are realistic or viable within a specific span of time. Contact a trusted event and marketing company in Malaysia to get a good grasp on what achievable goals are all about.
  • Results-Oriented. A legit event and marketing company in Malaysia would also eye for the results of your event. In fact, the success of your event marketing depends on your actual sales turnout (results). Make sure you generate high conversions after holding an event marketing; otherwise, you need to reset your goals and plans.
  • Time-bound.  This is interrelated with the ‘achievable’ factor in designing an event marketing. Your goal/s must be attainable within the duration of a specific marketing event that you’ve chosen.


KPIs Used to Evaluate the Success of an Event Marketing


There are 11 key performance indicators (KPI) that an event and marketing company in Malaysia would use to assess the success of a particular event marketing. The KPIs will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of an event. You can use the KPIs to make your next event marketing more engaging and would convert more sales.

  1. Registrations. This KPI will tell you outright whether an event marketing is successful or not based on the number of people who actually attended the event. You can derive more analytics from the registration data, such as knowing the specific gender and age range of people who attended your event. You can use these data to provide a more comfortable and ‘fitting’ environment for a particular bracket of audience the next time you hold a marketing event.
  2. Gross Revenue. This KPI pertains to the total amount of sales generated within a specified period disregarding the cost of operations and other financial obligations. Upon checking the gross revenue details, you will know what type of ticket got the highest sales. You will also know what month of the year would you most likely entice more attendees. You will even know which demographics the majority of your audience belongs to. Random details like these are crucial to ensure that your event marketing will cater to your target market.
  3. Attendee Satisfaction. In any marketing event, it is the participants’ experience that matters. That is why it is essential to give the participants a post-assessment survey form for you to know their take on your event marketing. You can calculate the Net Promoter Score as well to measure how your event marketing impacted the audience.
  4. Attendee Engagement. If people are very active right from the get-go, it is safe to say that your event marketing is a success. This only means that people are interested in the product you present, which would give you a higher ROI.
  5. Social Media Mentions. Since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people now are using webinars and other virtual conferences to run their marketing events. And one way to measure the success of virtual event marketing is the number of social media mentions that you will generate. Social media mentions simply pertain to how many times your event marketing (the title of the event) and brand are mentioned on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Speaker Page Engagement. A reliable event and marketing company in Malaysia would also use the speakers’ page engagements to decide whether your marketing event is successful or not. They will check whether there is a surge of visits in the speakers’ social media pages after a particular marketing event is conducted. When the engagement is still high even after you hold a marketing event, your event marketing is a success. And these engagements will most likely be converted into actual sales.
  7. Total Check-ins. Compare the number of check-ins every day as your event marketing progress. When there is no discrepancy in the number of check-ins versus the total of people who initially registered in your event, your event marketing is successful. 
  8. Cost to Revenue Ratio. Top event management companies will use the cost to revenue ratio as an indicator of success. Cost to revenue ratio deals with the overall manufacturing cost in delivering a product to your consumers or clients. To compute this, you just have to divide the net of interest over the expenses. If the cost to revenue ratio favors you, your event marketing is a success.
  9.  Customers Acquisition. This deals with the actual sales you get after conducting an event marketing. If more people purchase your product, then you run a successful event marketing.
  10. Number of Target Accounts Attending Your Event.  To evaluate the success of your event marketing, it is critical to account for the number of people (your target clients) who attended your event. You have to remember that your target market is supposed to be the ones who will most likely utilize your products in the long run. As much as possible, only allow people who belong to your target market to participate in a marketing event for you to yield higher ROI.
  11. Number of Closed Accounts From Specific Events. This is related to the number 10 KPI only that this deals with the number of people who actually closed a deal with you. In other words, these are your target clients (target market) who purchased your product or availed of your services. 


Factors to Consider in Selecting an Event Venue

  • Check Feedback.  Ask your partner event and marketing company in Malaysia about the reviews of the people who previously used a particular venue. This will make you immediately identify the problems. If the problems cited on the feedback are immense, better find another venue.
  • Conducive Environment.  In any corporate event in Malaysia, the environment of the event venue matters a lot. If you want your attendees to be comfortable and be attentive to your discussion, make sure the venue that you have selected provides a conducive to learning environment.
  • Accessibility. You also have to stress to your partner event and marketing company in Malaysia that you want an event venue that is accessible to your prospective participants. As much as possible, choose a venue that is located in the city center.


How to Create an Enticing Event Marketing Website

  • Use Video Content. Create a website with dynamic video background, and you will surely get more page visits. Raise this concern outright in selecting an event marketing company in Malaysia to take charge of the creation of your website.
  • Stick to a Theme. You must also establish your own identity in your website. You have to use a consistent font type and color in the heading and another set for the content.
  • Put a Countdown Clock. A legit event and marketing company in Malaysia would also clad your website with a dynamic countdown clock. The countdown clock would induce a sense of urgency for people to participate in a scheduled event.


What are the Usual Content for an Event Marketing Website

  • Blog Post. These are articles about anything that may interest your clients. You must hire an event and marketing company in Malaysia to ensure that all the blogs posted on your website are SEO-optimized.
  • Video. You can upload videos of the previous events that you conducted to excite the visitors to attend your next marketing event. To create an enticing video, contact a reputable event and Marketing company in Malaysia.

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