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Who Are We ?

Extra Ordinary Events SDN BHD was founded and established in the year 2016 in the form of partnership with Group MRMS. We are one of the top event planner KL. We specialized in media launches, annual dinners, and roadshow events. During April in the same year, EO Events had organized the first corporate project for OPPO Malaysia, which is called “The Ambassador”, a beauty pageant competition among universities in choosing the University Ambassador for the brand’s OPPO latest product. In the same year, our expert team has organized the 30th Anniversary Celebration for INTI International University. We have a team of dedicated designers and decoration specialists who made the event magical.

The following year, EO Events has organized several exhibitions such as Career Fair, which takes place in Selangor, and also hosted the annual dinner for World Gate Express Services. Along the way, EO Events have visited numerous events from different universities around Malaysia in hopes of collecting data on trending theme, style, etc. So that we are able to provide our clients with more efficient and professional services. At the same time, we would also passionate to provide unique field experiences that you may have not find it on the internet to students while we are at it, nurturing new generations of Event Planner in KL

In 2018, EO Events has witnessed rapid growth in business throughout the year. It is our passion to manage all kinds of events from awards dinner, media conference, launching product ceremony, roadshows, and even full marathon event for varieties brands. EO Events strive to present the simplest service possible and by that our team will be generating creative event ideas and our responsive event representative to our clients keeping the name Best Event Organizer In KL true! With the help of our creative event coordinators, you’ll be worry-free during the whole company’s event and let us take care of the rest! 

As the best event planner in KL, EO Events believe in satisfying our clients with different preferences, ideas, and views of the incoming event. Hence our management are always open for different categories of event. As time goes by, EO Events have compiled a series and event services such as launching event, roadshow event, annual dinner event, anniversary celebration, ceremony, corporate event, and are expert in three dimension (3D) and structure drawing for better visualization.

‘Event’ Brings Us Together Closer

We as social creatures are always fond of social gatherings, not just for celebration or fun it can also be a formal gathering. This gathering is known as ‘event’. An event can be much so much more. The purposes for it can be classified on sizes, type, and context. For example, social or life cycle events may apply to graduation day, birthday party, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement day, etc. While social or life cycle event is more unto family celebration function, education event applies to everyone with prejudice to age. Education and career events can be applied in education fair events, job fair events, seminars, workshops, competitions, debates, contests and etc. 

Entertainment events would be the most effective ways for a celebrity to gain more fans and showcase his or her talents. That is why entertainment is one of the most popular events than others. Entertainment events can be including music concerts, festivals, and fairs, fashion shows, award functions, celebrity nights, beauty pageants, flash mobs, jewelry shows, stage shows, etc. The most high profile out of all other events is political events. As we know, a political event is an official event that could affect a country’s fate. The event can include political functions such as corporate events such as MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions), product launches, roadshows, buyer-seller meet, etc., political procession, demonstration, rally, political functions, etc. An event can be considered as perfect if the result of the event is unpredictable, not fix, elements of suspending, or no obvious flaws. To make it work as in the whole session while the event takes place and run smoothly, the frame to get the results is the most important and challenging task. From planning, designing, cost evaluation, venue, parking, all to the most simple thing such as a napkin, washroom, etc.

The outcome from this whole complicated process can make you anxious, stress and all the negative thoughts come up on surface which is why you need an event planner kl. Since it was so complicated and you can not make risky move by doing it all by yourself, what about getting some help from the experts event organizer kl? EO Events would be the best choice when it come to realizing your dream to come true! Planning an event are an important component for any event. EO Events will be responsible for planning, managing, and organizing sensational events in the most efficient and professional way. Our team shall take the burden off your shoulder with our expert and professional team in EO Events. We understand the time management is one of the main focuses in making sure the upcoming events run smoothly. To be able to comply with all the details, we believe that two-way communication is the key. We understand that every client faces different circumstances and has different needs. This is the reason why our client is important to us, EO Events.


Our Passion As Event Planner KL

Events are important because they allow for a more intimate and engaging experience with your audience which ultimately leaves a lasting impression. This is why EO Events are passionate about offering our professional service to help you lift the burden of organizing an event and get you and your team to get busy in other details in the event such as planning an activity for the event. We are professional experts in event organizing mainly Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and in the same time our team also covered all states in Malaysia. Our specialist team planned and organized for many events such as media launches, annual dinners, and roadshow events. Our team are passionate to provide you the best event planner service in KL.

What is ‘Event Organizer’ have to do with the success of an event? Well by definition, event organizing is an outcome from a proper planning in details of the upcoming events. Planning an event is a long process in which will determine the end results of an event or project such as a ceremony, party, meeting, convention, tradeshow, team building activity, etc. Planning an event has its own standard operating procedure (SOP) includes select and reserving the venue for the event, budgeting, establishing timelines, acquiring permits, preparing food and beverages, coordinating transportation, develop a theme, arrange for activities, select speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk, and developing contingency plans as backup plan in case plan A does not run well. For example, weather necessitates that an outdoor event to be moved indoors. At some level, our team is to foresee the unforeseen and be prepared to handle it. Our experts will be held responsible to coordinate every detail of events, from beginning to end. We will hold a meeting to handle logistics such as registering guests and setting up audio/visual equipment for speakers.

EO Events team always thinks outside of the box which is one of the reasons why our team is getting stronger and working in a team full of ideas would give you a mind blown outcome of your dream event. Our experts are dedicated that they also search for potential meeting sites, such as hotels and convention centers to provide comfy to make sure the confidential information will not be exposed. Our experts always consider the lodging and services that the facility can provide, how easy it will be for people to get there, and the attractions that the surrounding area has to offer. EO Events also consider whether an online meeting can achieve the same objectives as a face-to-face meeting. Once a location is selected, our expert team will arrange meeting space and support services. For example, we negotiate contracts with suppliers to provide meals for attendees and coordinate plans with on-site staff. Our expert teams can also organize speakers, entertainment, and activities.

As one of the top event organizers in KL and Klang Valley, Malaysia, EO Events holds the mandate to give and provide the best services to our clients! We let our clients decide their theme according to their preference, save as much as they can, decide on the venue, saving memories of the event through photos, protect our clients from catering disaster, magically transforming the venue, help our clients to select the right event services, managing the budget on behalf of our respective clients, monitoring the activities in the event while our client can participate in it, handling an emergency situation and etc. Our team oversees many aspects of the event at the same time and orchestrate the activities of several different groups of people.

Planning an event can be a stressful task especially if you lack experience in event planning. If you are planning to invite a huge number of guests to the party, it is best to have to look into a number of areas to ensure that the event progresses smoothly from beginning to end. Multitasking and troubleshooting would probably not be your forte. Hence here in EO Events, we will look into all areas of the planning process such as catering, venue booking, food presentation, waiting service, linen, cake order, music and entertainment. We believe that our team is skilled enough to foresee, prevent, and iron out any glitches that may occur prior to or during the event. Our professional team will see to it that the vendors arrive on time, signage is put up at visible locations, the cake arrives in one piece, and that the guests are well looked after.

EO Events as one of the event planners not only limited in Kuala Lumpur but also Selangor has excellent experience in organizing and managing events across Malaysia. EO Events take care of your event management necessity to reduce your stress level and make your job easier while we deliver the amazing experience! Detailed planning and execution from past experiences have allowed us to help our clients create memorable events. From large conferences to small brand activation campaigns, we strive to understand your needs and objectives before laying out the ‘escape plan’ and follow your theme to create an event that exceeds expectations. EO Events are passionate about exploring various types of events based on creativity. From the experiences in the past, EO Events will be able to provide sound advice on the level of success of each idea you propose. Furthermore, our expert team will tap on our creativity to explore your proposed ideas and turn them to reality.

Wipe your sweat and headache away as our professional team will save a lot of your time and allow you to focus on the most essential aspects of the event. EO Events will not only handle major aspects of the event but also minor details such as food arrangement, tableware and floral arrangement. Channeling your energy into one or two areas in the planning process ensures that every aspect of the major areas is looked into from various angles. EO Events provides professional advice on the best prices and best quality service in the areas of catering, venue rental, and cake decoration for your event.

EO Events dedicated expert team is professional be its organizational skills, creativity, time management skills (as our team is comfortable prioritizing and reprioritizing multiple responsibilities over long periods of time to deliver satisfaction for our clients), team management and relationship-building abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, acute attention to detail, computer literacy, willingness to travel or flexibility. With our team management and relationship-building abilities, we can coordinate staff, guest speakers, entertainers, and event attendees are an integral part of the job. Using our excellent verbal and written communication skills, our team is the liaison between multiple parties, from clients to venues to local vendors. From past experiences, EO Events in detail planning. Identifying potential issues or problems before they occur is a significant part of the work. Contact Us today to get the best event planner KL service and Event Marketing 

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Our History

Partnership with Group MRMS

EO Event and Marketing PLT (formerly known as Headquarters) was founded in 2016, in the form of partnership with Group MRMS.

In April 2016,
EO Event had organized the first corporate project for OPPO Malaysia, which is The Ambassador, a beauty pageant competition among universities to choose the University Ambassador for OPPO’s new product. At the same year, we organized the 30th Anniversary Celebration for INTI International University.

In the coming year, year 2017, EO Event has organized several exhibitions such as Career Fair, and also annual dinner for WorldGate Express Services.

In year 2017 also, EO Event has started our new project, event review, where we have visited university events from different universities around Malaysia.

EO Event and Marketing team witnessed a rapid growth in business throughout the year 2018. It was our pleasure to manage all kinds of events from media conference, awards dinner, product launching ceremony, roadshows and even a full marathon event for different brands. EO Event and Marketing PLT strive to provide the best service possible by generating creative event ideas and our responsive event handlers to our clients!

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