EO Event ramps up services; pledges to provide the best event management in Malaysia


With its continued commitment to upholding the highest standards in event management, Malaysia’s leading event planner, EO Event announced that it is ramping up its services.

Aside from managing casual events such as annual dinners, media launches, and roadshows, EO Event officials said that they are now expanding their services to cater to major gatherings.

In retrospect, the Company’s caliber in managing big events was first tested in April 2016 when Oppo Malaysia held its corporate project dubbed as ‘The Ambassador.’ The said event was a beauty pageant joined by students from different colleges and universities in Malaysia.

To reaffirm its competence in managing major events, EO Event again took the lead for the success of the 2017 Selangor Career Fair. Just like the Oppo’s event, the said event in Selangor became very successful. On the following years, the top-rated event management company kept on getting more clients from simple corporate affairs to hosting the ceremonial dinner for the World Gate Express Services.

According to the top officials of EO Event, they don’t cease in chasing for the perfection of their service. They said that they want the EO Event to keep on raising the bar high in terms of providing effective and efficient event management.


Apart from rigorous training that all of their staff undergo to fine-tune their services, EO Event also opted to reach out to the public to know their sentiments and what is the real score on the ground that they can use in framing a better event management plan. Since 2017, the Company started to visit universities in Malaysia and solicit for ‘in’ beats like what’s the preferred event motif, wardrobe, and other trending gimmicks that would hook the attention of the students.

Based on reports, what people like the most about EO Event is the simplicity of their service and the unmatched creative minds of their personnel. It has been proven a lot of times that when the EO Event takes over, they can turn a dull venue into an exciting place to hold any event.


Asked on why the EO Event is stepping up its services, the company’s top officials said that they are just upholding their mantra: the best event organizer in Kl.


EO Event’s officials further added that their utmost concern is to suffice the expectation of their clients. They said that the satisfaction of their clients speak volume in their innate vision to help people manage their respective events professionally.


Competent event management is deemed as a playmaker in any organization. In fact, it’s during major events and gatherings that a new celebrity is launched. If you’re a businessman, the regular holding of corporate affairs and services also guarantee seamless coming of clients.


To help the people in Malaysia get the most memorable experience, in any event, EO Event staffers guarantee that they will continue to think outside the box. They assure that they will continue to sort out other means to improve their craft and to provide the best event management service that people in Malaysia deserve. Contact Us today to get the best event management service in Malaysia.


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