5 Most Common Event Backdrop Types in Seremban

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5 Most Common Event Backdrop Types in Seremban

October 27, 2019 EO Event Resources 0


1. Wooden Backdrops

Wooden backdrops shown in pictures above consists of two parts: tarpaulin (printed canvas backdrop) and wooden structure support at the back. This is the most common item appears in corporate events like media launch, annual dinners and grand openings. There are a lot of advantages to this kind of backdrop, that makes it so popular. First of all, the design of the backdrop is very flexible – as long as it can be created using a computer, the exact design can be printed on the tarpaulin (canvas backdrop). Secondly, these wooden backdrops are flexible in terms of sizes too. The most common height is 8 feet (approximately 2.5 meters) and length wise it can go up to whatever size that you want, in the multiple of 4. For example, the second picture shows an event backdrop made to 60 feet x 8 feet!

Setting up a normal wooden backdrop is rather simple, it can be done in less than 1 hour time. However, there are some details to take note too, if you are managing your personal event (like wedding) without the aid of an event management team. The most common problems faced will be the brightness and final touch up. Your backdrop can look not attractive at all if these are not discussed with properly with the supplier before the setup. Brightness wise, events will usually have “long arms” on top of the backdrop if the place to locate the backdrop is not bright enough. It makes your backdrop design more pronouncing and more attractive for the guests to take picture with it. In another words,with just 3 lights added on a wooden backdrop, your event has now became an “Instagram-able” one. As mentioned, these wooden backdrops are made of wooden support behind. We want to showcase our brand, but I’m sure we don’t want to showcase the wooden support behind too. Thus, the touch up after set up is very crucial. As seen in the first picture, we used black cloth to cover up the sides of the backdrop, so guests passing by the KLCC Convention Centre will not see the mess behind the nicely placed backdrop.

EO Events team did some interesting backdrop setups too, including backdrop with special lighting on the ground! Visit the link below to view the picture of the backdrop mentioned:



2. Pop Up Backdrop

Pop up backdrops are so popular for a reason. Unlike wooden backdrops and all the other event decorations, pop up backdrop does not require third party with certain skills to install. It is made up of a metal structure as it’s base and magnetic backdrop pieces, that can be installed by any crews, experienced or inexperienced. Another advantage of pop up backdrop that the others cannot compare is it can be reused and it does not require special logistics arrangements — any car can be used to carry the pop up backdrop from one place to another, considering it’s stored in a hard container. Compared to a pop up backdrop, the wooden backdrop and any other types of backdrop introduced below will require a lorry to carry the wooden structures, and experienced team to install.

Despite all the advantages a pop up backdrop has over the other types of backdrop, it does not dominate the market for some reason too. One of the biggest reason is the line between different backdrop pieces can be quite obvious, the line in the middle of pop up backdrop can sometimes be very distracting to media representatives invited to events. Also, most of the brands will prefer different backdrop designs for every event where they have different partners and products to emphasize on, thus the reusable advantage could be unhelpful.

In overall, pop up backdrop is still a good option for brands that wish to have an iconic backdrop to be brought to different fairs and exhibitions. It can definitely save up huge production costs after several events.


3. Multi Layered Backdrop (3D Backdrop)

Multi layered backdrops are still wooden backdrops, but they are the ‘premium version’ of it. Except showing the extra efforts put in by the organizers, a 3D backdrop is undoubtedly more attractive than a usual 2D backdrop, especially for media representatives that has been through so many product launches and media conferences. More attractive usually lead to more exposure either online or offline directly, and not to mention, it can be compiled into a better report to your superior!

The only concern will be the time needed for installation. A wooden backdrop, as mentioned, is made up of supporting structure and a layer of printed tarpaulin only. However, a 3D backdrop usually means multi layer touch up after the base structure is built up, sometimes it even requires usage of paint, which will lengthen the time needed to wait for it to dry up. After all, the longer setup time is all worth it as a 3D backdrop can still build a perfect first impression to all the media partners, VIPs and guests.

Visit more 3D designs and actual 3D backdrop produced by visiting our website now:



4. Atomic Backdrop

What’s shown above is generally known as atomic backdrop, but it is only one of the many types of atomic backdrops. Atomic backdrops appear most commonly in events related to art, and it usually has higher production cost. An atomic backdrop is a good attraction for the crowds, it can act as a photo backdrop but it is definitely not a good choice to act as the only backdrop in a specific event. The main reason is because it is not advisable to have product pictures, brand names or any taglines on an atomic backdrop. This is why atomic backdrops usually appear only in very big events with multiple photo spots, but not an ordinary media conference.

5. Custom Made Backdrop

Custom made backdrops are usually complicated, it cant be produced without a proper 3D design. In the first picture, EO Events combined four backdrops into one, did layers to each backdrop to give it a three-dimensional visual, and finished it with neon tubes on each section. As mentioned above, backdrops with layers cannot be made by a single layer printed tarpaulin, hence sticker is used on each piece of backdrop in this case, which requires the wooden structure behind to be perfectly flat as flat surfaces are very essential as a sticker’s base.

In the second picture, a space with depths is created by using three different backdrops combined into one, again with a layer of platform on the ground to create design consistency, and finished off with the top layer. Anyone taking a photo in the photo zone will get a very realistic background as if he is in a very well decorated room, but not a photo zone in an event. The depth is further emphasized by the fairy lights hanged randomly on the top.

Although backdrops are categorized into five different categories, but millions of designs can be created by a good 3D Designer to highlight the uniqueness of a brand. See our 3D drawing portfolios by clicking onto the link below, and do not hesitate to follow us on our social media @EO Event & Marketing!



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