4 Types of Canopy Suitable for Outdoor Events in Seremban

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4 Types of Canopy Suitable for Outdoor Events in Seremban

December 17, 2019 EO Event Resources 0

4 Types of canopy suitable for outdoor Canopy setups in seremban

1. Arabic Canopy

Arabic canopies are the most common type of canopy used in almost all kind of events. From wedding buffet, to shop openings, to marathon and events, even to outdoor media launch, you can see arabic canopies being set. Talking about arabic canopies, we have heard people nagging all these while after their event, that they are not quite satisfied with the product delivered, especially for customers who deals with suppliers directly. Secret revealed – every supplier has different definition for what an arabic canopy includes! Let’s dig in to why this happens, so we can all avoid the traps while ordering a canopy for your next event.

Starting from the basics, normal canopies are in 20×20 feet size. If the space is not sufficient, it is advisable that you may request for 10×10 feet canopies so it don’t block both sides of the road. Moving on to the decoration, some companies offer you colourful drapes that comes with the canopy naturally (‘drapes’ are referred to the red colour cloth on canopy, in the picture above). However, there are some suppliers that doesn’t offer draping on canopy without special request, which is totally understandable too. After all, there will be additional charge too compared to a plain canopy, no matter it’s single layer drape or double layer drape that comes in two colours. To see more photos of canopy in double layer or no drapes, check the link below:

Setup wise, a canopy normally comes with lighting and fan. The same goes, without extra notes, the lighting will be basic ones, which will be sufficient for you to see things inside, but it will be a little dull for normal photo taking. Thus whenever there is other decorations inside the canopy (let’s say a backdrop), it is advisable to add on lighting on the backdrop itself too.

2. Transparent Arabic Canopy

A transparent canopy has a transparent top cover. In terms of size, it come with the same size as a normal arabic canopy does. However, decoration wise, transparent canopy will be much more instagram-worthy compared to a normal arabic canopy. The top cover is normally decorated with fairy lights, and instead of a normal lighting tube you see in most houses, our transparent canopy mostly comes with a chandelier-like lighting, that will make your event stand out among all the competitors.

Despite how much it helps in your social media appearance, a transparent canopy has it’s downside too, just like it’s price. A transparent canopy’s rental price can easily exceed two times a normal arabic canopy’s rental. Also, a transparent canopy loses most of it’s function on day time, making it a setup that is only suitable for events happening at night. Most of the formal events will not consider transparent canopies too, in contrast of how ‘hot’ it is in events targeting younger groups. Don’t really believe in how Instagram-mable a transparent canopy is? Check the link below to find out!

3. Marquee Tent

Marquee tent comes in two common sizes, which is 10 meters x 5 meters and 15 meters x 5 meters. Just like an arabic canopy, it normally comes plain, without all the cloth draping. Except the fact that it’s higher and bigger than an arabic canopy, a marquee tent comes wide, which makes it the best fit for stage structure in an event. In the picture, the organizer combines five marquee tents to fit in all the guests’ seats as well as a backdrop. This is commonly seen where a company uses it’s own building space for internal events such as annual dinners. In fact, most of the outdoor events held in a field will use Arabic canopies for the booths and all other activities, and utilize marquee tent only for stage and stage backdrop for the event. An event by EO Event at Putrajaya has done the exact setup described above, click into the link below for better understanding:

Some problems may arise if some details are not discussed too. For example, marquee tents this big, normally comes with two fans hanging at the sides only. It will definitely be too hot for the guests if the event is held in the afternoon. Thus, most events that uses marquee tent for their guests will rent air-coolers to lower down the temperature. During year end, Malaysia rains a lot too. In raining scenarios, even the guests sitting in the middle will get soaked if two places are not considered, which are the sides and the point which one marquee tent is connected to another. You wouldn’t want to see your tables and chairs — even the foods served gets wet in the middle of an event, together with your guests.

4. High Top Canopy

When you see high top canopies, you know something big is coming – high top canopies are usually for large scale events. With 60 feet canopy width and over 20 feet ceiling height, you can easily plan huge setups and create great sound and lighting effects for your event. Events involved high top canopy (or many called it as rooftop canopy) is highly recommended to involve an experienced event manager, as a lot of unseen knowledge are required throughout the preparation phase, all the way to the event setup and event execution phase. Some of them includes site recce and markings, license application, planning for setup sequence and details to take note during event.

There are definitely more varieties of canopy serving different purposes in events, and mentioned today are only the 4 most common types of canopy used in events. Hope this article helps, and you can always seek help from us when you need canopy setup in your event:


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